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PCDC helps KCCF to identify community needs and opportunities

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

In 2022, KCCF partnered with Primary Care Development Corporation (PCDC) to help direct our sustained investment and grant making in the community. This partnership focused on two main objectives:

  1. Deepen our knowledge of Mid-Valley community needs

  2. Identify a pipeline of nonprofit growth/capacity building needs that might benefit from KCCF and external funder investment

To support us, PCDC led three separate efforts:

  1. Produce three county-level profiles and develop a novel priority score that identifies areas of greatest need—based on the Mid-Valley population’s access challenges and social determinants of health—to support KCCF programming and guide investment opportunities.

  2. Conducted focus groups comprised of health care/social service providers from the community—with the help of Unidos Contra la Diabetes, a local organization—to get on-the-ground perspectives about the unmet needs of the communities they serve, the greatest challenges they face in meeting those needs, and the best solutions they envision to meet those needs.

  3. Worked with KCCF’s network of nonprofit organizations to identify capacity building/growth opportunities to expand services.

PCDC’s efforts highlighted the communities’ primary social and health care needs and identified opportunities for service expansion.

“The partnership with PCDC helped enrich our knowledge, improve our decision-making, foster community engagement, and ultimately, amplify the impact of the foundation’s investments in addressing community needs. This collaboration supported us in advancing our holistic, sustainable approach to improving the health and well-being of Mid-Valley families.”

Cristina Trejo-Vasquez, Chief Executive Officer, Knapp Community Care Foundation

These resources will help guide our team in impact investing and grant making efforts and generate a pipeline for external philanthropic and banking capital to best respond to the evolving needs of the Rio Grande Valley community.

“It was an honor to work with the Knapp Community Care Foundation and be welcomed into the community by its staff and nonprofit partners. We are excited for what additional investment this landscape analysis can attract to the community to address the many health and social needs identified,” noted Isaac Kastenbaum, Vice President of Training and Technical Assistance at Primary Care Development Corporation. “This will be a great starting point for continued, coordinated activity in the Mid-Valley.”

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